Boys’ Town School Gets Facelift

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November 19, 2015
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November 10, 2016

Pan-Jammers (standing, from left) Bernard McKenzie, Stephen Phillibert, Leon Gayle, Sheldon Smalling, Raihn Sibblies, Camelia Nelson, Paul Facey, Dayton Wood. (stooping, from left), Richard Burrowes, Romario McCalla, Nadine Tarawali, and Cecil Williams are all set to begin painting classrooms at the Boy’s Town Infant and Primary School in Trench Town, Kingston, on Thursday, August 25.

More than 30 company executives, middle managers and line staff donated work hours on August 25 and 26 to paint the classrooms of the Trench Town-based school.

Planned through the C.B. Facey Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of Pan-Jam, with the assistance of the Jamaica Property Company’s environment, health and safety officer Nadine Tarawali, the two-day project will improve the overall learning environment at the Boy’s Town Infant and Primary School.

Bright colours will welcome the students to the classrooms at the start of the academic school year on Monday.

Boys’ Town Infant and Primary School is the focus of C.B. Facey Foundation’s model school programme. The vision is to transform the quality of education at the school and highlight the work as a model school for public and private partnerships within the Jamaican education system.

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